Allow me to introduce you to Ana Apple if you don’t already know them.

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My First Father’s Day

In honor of my first father’s day, I’ve partnered with Ana Apple who makes eco-friendly clothing to bring you what we are  calling the Father’s Day Duo.

We basically decided that two heads are better than one and that dad wouldn’t be a dad if it wasn’t for his kid(s).

We took a few of my bow ties and put them together with her jumpsuits (onesies) and Tee shirts for Toddlers to bring you a limited edition pairing.

When I say limited edition, I really mean limited edition.  Their is only one orange bow tie so once it’s gone, it’s gone.  There are less than 5 of the other combinations.

Order by June 6 to get the package in your hand in time for Father’s day! [Grab it here]

father's day duo


Would Love To See Your Pictures

When you grab one of the few father’s day duo packages, be sure to take a picture of the dad and kid (notice we didn’t say, “son.”  Bow ties aren’t just for boys) and share it with us and use the hashtag: #FathersDayDuo.

A Few of Our Pictures



Still Loving Charity

20% of every sale still goes to charity so you get to look good and do good.

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