Meet Macky and His Bow Tie Flow


Meet Macky Wendell, Babson MBA class of 2016.  He caught our eye as a fellow bow tie wearer.

When we see someone rocking a bow tie, the first thing we do is take a quick look to confirm it’s one that they tied themselves.  The next thing we do is find out if this is an anomaly or if they usually rock a bow tie.

Macky was the real deal.  We took his picture and want to share his story with you.  Enjoy!

What’s your bow tie story?  When did you start wearing them and why?

I was working a desk job in Los Angeles where the day-to-day attire was jeans and a button down. I was getting frustrated by seeing all of the ties (normal at this time) in my closet just wasting away. I took it upon myself to initiate “Ties-day”, or wearing a tie every Tuesday. The first month or so every Tuesday people would come up to me and say “Oh, have an interview today?” until they realized I was going to wear them every day. By the third week my friend had recommended I try a bow tie and after that I never looked back. I love how fun and quirky bow tie designs can be, as well as the multitude of fabrics. I now own almost 50 bow ties and exclusively wear them.

What are you currently working on that you are most passionate about?

It will sound cheesey, but the thing I’m currently working on that I am most passionate about is my son! He’s 6 weeks old (in November ’16) and I can’t get enough of him. Watching him grow and begin to recognize the world around him fills me with such joy. I have also started a new career, which I am excited about, but will put it in the next question!

What do you currently do for work?

I have launched a career at The Bulfinch Group, I’m working with families, individuals, and small business owners to plan for the future and to realize their financial dreams.

Where can the people reach out on social media

The best place to follow me is probably on LinkedIn. I am not very active on any other sorts of social media and LinkedIn will give you access to me in a professional aspect as well as checking out my headshot where I sport a wonderful Orange and Blue bowtie!

Thanks for sporting a bow tie and letting us interview you for The Bow Tie Flow.

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