Nothing Says “The Holidays,” like a Freshly Tied Bow Tie

Happy holidays from the folks at The Bow Tie Flow.  If you are looking for a gift for that special someone (male or female.  We don’t discriminate) then look no further.  All our bow ties are 50% off (Get shopping) for a limited time.

Not only do our bow ties make you look good but they are a reminder that you can do good and look good too.

Whenever someone says, “Nice bow tie.”  You can reply, “Thanks, it’s good for the planet and part of the proceeds also go to charity.”

As you already know each bow tie was made from a special selection of clothes that the owner (Mike Ambassador Bruny or his wife, Jieun Yoo) has owned.  For example the red silk bow tie above used to be a regular tie (which makes it extra special because it’s a one of a kind bow tie.  No one else will have the same one).

Our charity of choice at this time is charity: water.  They are on a mission to bring clean water to places that don’t have it.  We really appreciate them because 100% of any donation goes into a water project.  Administrative costs are covered by other means.   And they also send cool updates on the status of their water projects.

Still reading?

Well you can get a deeply discounted bow tie for yourself or give it as a gift by visiting our SHOP .